Hope all is well and you are adjusting to your fall schedule. Summer seems like FOREVER ago and a distant memory – a very fond one on my end and I hope for you as well. 

September is a month with lots of CHANGE. As I sat down to write this post I was encouraged to CHANGE IT UP MYSELF! So I’m sharing a beautiful message of change and practical steps to help you through your process in a different way.  I'm also revealing a couple of things both personally and professionally that have changed for me. 

If you follow me on social media you've seen the videos of my daughter and I dancing and singing with out a care in the world.   However, making this video below to share my message vs. writing it was ridiculously challenging but I DID IT!  




binge eating at night

Hope you’re summer is going well!  If you’re new to my blog, I’m excited that you are here. In my last post, I explained I needed your help.  I asked for you to send some questions my way that you might be struggling with. I received some great questions and I can't wait to address all of them.  Today I'll be giving some suggestions to break out of emotional eating patterns at night after a long day at work or with kids? How can you unwind and self-comfort when exhausted and too tired to do anything other than eat handfuls of chocolate chips? Great question! 

First off, to change any type of pattern or behavior you need to have the awareness that there’s something going on that you no longer want to participate in.  So, kudos to you for acknowledging and having the awareness that this is not something that is working for you.  The next thing that needs to happen is the DESIRE TO CHANGE IT.  Do you have a strong desire to COMMIT to working on this???  I’m going to assume the desire is strong so we can move on to some tools and strategies to help you break free of an emotional eating pattern at night and self-comfort WITHOUT handfuls of chocolate chips.  I’m going to lay out a couple here and would love to hear from others what has worked for you. 

Anything can be obtained or learned if we chunk it down into palatable pieces.  In this area, thinking long term is not my recommendation.  This is not the time to go big or go home.  SMALL HINGES MOVE BIG DOORS!  So first small step – take three consecutive days to focus on this!!!!!  Then we can re-evaluate and see where we are.  I would recommend not starting on a Monday because everyone starts everything on a Monday.  Be different.  Go crazy!  Start on Tuesday.  So, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you’ll have this goal in mind.  You are going to be super aware for these three.  

Now, notice what time this snacking and endless eating begins.  If it begins around 3:00PM, like it does for many people, I would recommend a small meal at that time.  Many times we are so hungry at this time we start snacking and never stop.  A smoothie, soup, salad, veggies with hummus– REAL FOOD can hold you off until dinner.  This small meal can even create a stronger desire and create more energy for a nutritious dinner.   

Next, you want to make sure you have a delicious dinner in mind and be PREPARED.  Since we are doing this plan for three days at a time you should have in mind what dinners you’re going to be eating for these three days.  You can prep these meals yourself or if that seems intangible, don’t put so much pressure on yourself.  Find a place where you know you can get a delicious and nutritious dinner.  A lean protein, roasted or sautéed vegetable, maybe some quinoa mixed in with the veggies if you think you’ll need more.  What fills you up that is nutrient dense?  Remember, PREPARATION IS KEY.  Don’t wait until 5:00PM that evening to think about what it is you’re going to have for dinner.  Know the day before (or three days before).  Make sure you have the ingredients in your house or the meal waiting for you somewhere.  This is crucial especially in this phase of breaking some old habits.  If we are unplanned there is way too much room for our good intentions to perish.  Then, clean up and know that the kitchen is off limits!  Don’t go back in there.  Kitchen is closed.  You can go as far as making a sign and placing it on your pantry and fridge - CLOSED – WILL RE-OPEN TOMORROW AT 8:00AM.

This is where it gets tricky.  Even with some great tools and strategies the urge to grab those chocolate chips usually begins to creep in shorty after dinner.  We all know, when we know we “can’t” have something we want it even more.  This is where the challenge begins!!!!  It kind of becomes a game of semantics.  Tell yourself you CAN have whatever you want and that YOU HAVE A CHOICE.  Take some time to think about how the choices you are making are going to affect you in the long run.  So we’re thinking long term benefits and not immediate gratification.  How bad do you want to break the habit?  Commit!  Stay focused and know that the feeling isn’t going to last.  Nothing is going to happen to you if you don’t grab the handful of chocolate chips.  Also, be stern with that voice that is desperately trying to trip you up.  Understand that this voice and temptation is trying to make you believe that it is trying to "nourish” and make you feel good NOW.  Then go deeper and explain to this pesty little voice, that  grabbing those handfuls of chocolate chips Is not what is best for you for the long haul.  Picture this voice as a young child trying to get what it wants when it wants it.  It can have a voice but it doesn't get to have a vote!  Talk out loud to this voice!  Don’t worry – no one is watching ;).

Finally, my last suggestion.  Ask yourself - What are you craving?  What are those chocolate chips representing?  Sleep, love, alone time, relaxation????  If it’s sleep go to bed.  If its love snuggle up with your partner or call someone that you can connect with on the phone. Yes, go old school; actually pick up the phone vs. texting.   If it’s being alone with no noise and no one around, just do it (away from the kitchen).  Open up a book, put on a good show.  I recommend getting off of social media and searching through your phone.  Just sayin’.  If you’re a journal writer you can write and reflect on your day.  If you don’t want to write have a conversation with yourself or partner.  What went well today?  How could you have made things better?  What are you grateful for?

THREE DAYS!  Just try this for three days.  If you need support, ask a friend to do it with you!  Accountability and support are huge here.  When the three days are over you can start again.  Before you know it you might be up to 12 days and you’ll notice the behavior and urges have changed.  Let me know how it goes :)!





Summer is almost here!  Wohoo!  

I am dreaming of the long, NO HOMEWORK summer days while I'm getting the kids off for their 7 weeks at sleepaway camp.  As much as I am excited for them, (and my husband and I),  this year it's feeling a little different from years past.  I couldn't help but write my little monkeys a letter and hope that they can receive even just some of what I am feeling...

Dear D and J,

Here we are again - the season of packing and getting you off to sleepaway camp for the summer. A couple of years ago, when we first signed you up for camp we were so excited for you. As you know, Dad and I LOVED  camp and it was such an important part of our lives when we were kids way back when. We created some of our favorite childhood memories at camp. When you were younger we couldn’t wait to give you the sleepaway camp experience. Camp was our safe place. It was our comfortable place. It was a place for us to just be whoever we wanted to be. It was a sheltered little bubble of fun to have nothing to worry about.   

We hope and pray that you are able to experience some of that at camp. But as I’m packing you, I have this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hear you saying “all the kids have this, so can you get me this”? “Everyone has that, so you can you get me that”? I’m listening to other parents discuss what they are giving for “trunk gifts”. Trunk gifts? There needs to be a gift for the both of you to have on your bed when you arrive on the first day? Are you kidding me? In my opinion arriving at camp is the ultimate gift. Everything in that trunk from the 24 pairs of socks and 15 pairs of underwear are your gifts. You need a present from Dad and I to open when you get to camp? This makes me uncomfortable and yet, we bought you both a trunk gift.

I can’t shake this uncomfortableness in my heart. What we intended for you to gain from sleepaway camp was fun, independence, learning how to live among others, and figuring out life without us. We wanted you to be able to be whoever you wanted to be. We wanted you to be an individual and find your voice. But I find myself buying “things” so that you have what everyone else has. I’m buying the same rain jacket, rain boots, pillows for your bed, posters for your walls – UGH! What am I teaching you? Am I teaching you that the only way to feel a sense of belonging is to fit in???? Am I teaching you that “stuff” determines how you should feel? Am I teaching you to be replicas of each other and not respect each other’s individuality? You both are still so young and I’ve jumped on the band wagon of sleepaway camp, but I hope and pray that you are able to see past this materialism. I hope and pray that you are able to sense how fortunate you are to have one big sleepover with friends for 7 weeks - filled with activity after activity and 24/7 fun.

Please know camp is a complete and total LUXURY - NOT A NECESSITY. Don’t get me wrong, Dad and I feel so grateful to be able to give you this gift but we just want you to stay grounded and not get caught up in the hoopla. This hoopla is not the key to your happiness.  It's actually quite the contrary.  When you feel those feelings of wanting more, or not having what everyone else has, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK OF DAD AND I HUGGING AND SQUEEZING YOU AND REMEMBER THAT LOVE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN NOT BUY. LOVE is more powerful than anything that is on your bed or in your trunks.

You both might not have the best of the best “things”. Your beds might not be filled with the most “stuff”, but please be content knowing that all that you DO have was packed and sent with LOVE!  When you are not with Dad and me, I pray that you have the strength and courage to be YOU.  Be comfortable in not what things you HAVE but WHO YOU ARE. Don’t try to be like anyone else but YOU.  Don’t get caught up in what you see in front of you, but know who stands behind you supporting and loving you. 


We love you sooo!


Mom and Dad

P.S If anyone tries to make you feel not so awesome, please try and understand that they probably don't feel too good about themselves.  Maybe you can help them find their awesomeness.  PLEASE HELP THEM!!! Find a way to help them not hurt. Find a way to make them feel good! I know you both can do this!


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Contact me if you’d like to learn more. I’ve tried it all – ASK ME ANYTHING!

Join me in spreading my Purely Authentic Mission! DON’T do what you’re supposed to do. DO what feels right. BE AUTHENTIC – do YOU!



SPRING HAS SPRUNG and I must say, I’m pretty psyched.  Our foursome left for Austin, Texas for a family vaca in pretty cold weather and came back to budding trees and beautiful flowers.  Might sound odd but I felt a little overwhelmed seeing the budding trees when we arrived back on the East Coast.  Yes, overwhelmed!  Why????  I realized that just as the trees have gone through their normal and seasonal transformation from fall to spring, so have I.  I’ve been on the same timeline of the trees since the fall.  What am I talking about?  Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been popping into your inboxes so frequently over the last couple of months.  I’ve received some emails asking if I were OK.  Don’t you worry, I’m just fine.  I was just going with the flow of the seasons :). 

You see in the fall, my “leaves” started to change colors and come December they pretty much crumpled up, fell off and died.  Then I spent the entire winter living leafless, naked and hibernating.  Sounds fun, I know.  It was a very  humbling and vulnerable couple of seasons.  But, seeing the trees budding and flowers blooming I got the hint that it was time to come out of hibernation mode and get back into the swing of things ANEW. 

I’m digging the seasons as it gives us ample opportunity to shed, grow, change and transform OFTEN.  It seems so UNNATURAL to stay stagnant and yet I hear more often than not “I’m not good with change.”  Well my friends, if you’re not good with change its time to get good with it for that’s what WE WERE MEANT TO DO.  We were meant to go through cycles and seasons of change.  I didn’t hear any leaves on the trees screaming  “Wait, I’m not ready to bloom, I’m not this enough or that enough.”   Nope, they don’t think, they just DO.  They just go along with how they WERE CREATED TO BE.  It’s beautiful to watch and see.  So, although we might not feel ready, sometimes you got to take that leap of FAITH and just BE AND DO.  They have their branches supporting them.  They’ve got back up.  WE ALL NEED BACK UP!  So, here I am once again, in your inboxes hoping to give you SOME BACK UP.   


HAPPY SPRING!  It’s time to BLOOM! 

Until next time :)



get out of the box
Today is the last day of my 21 day food cleanse.  For all who have followed  me over the years, you  know I love the CLEAN PROGRAM as this has often been my cleanse of choice.  I have done this cleanse at least 10 times in the past.  I have experienced many life changing benefits both on a physical, emotional and spiritual level that I’ve even incorporated this cleanse into the programs I offer.  However, I haven’t done this program since the summer of 2015 and this time around I was hesitant.

In recent years I haven’t had a desire to do a cleanse.  So, when my husband decided to buy THE BOX and commit to starting after the New Year I was all about supporting him but not into it for myself.  After a week in Mexico, engaging in a food and alcohol fest,   I found myself on the beach purchasing my own BOX.  When I arrived home I realized I made an impulsive purchase and was not pleased.  My husband convinced me that it would be fun to do together.   To my dismay I made the commitment. 

The benefits I received over the last 21 days were astronomical even though this time I WAS FIGHTING IT TOOTH AND NAIL.

I view a cleanse as giving yourself a clean slate or blank canvas to work with.  To make room for something new you’ve got to RELEASE all that no longer serves you (i.e. physical and emotional TOXINS).  Even though it may feel daunting, 21 days is a nice amount of time to go through a plethora of emotions, physical symptoms and revelations. 

As I shared earlier, I started the program off very resistant as I have not done a 21 day cleanse in over a year and a half.    

The Clean Program comes in a BOX.


THE BOX consists of the supplements and protein powder used for the program.  In the past I always LOVED THE BOX. I loved the structure and the feeling of accomplishment when THE BOX was complete.  THE BOX represented A SYSTEM AND I FELT A SENSE OF SUPPORT that I knew was important when up against transformation.  Well this time I RESENTED THE BOX.  I DIDN’T WANT TO ENGAGE WITH THE BOX.   This feeling is quite familiar as it’s the way I’m currently engaged with many of LIFE’S BOXES.   

For 20 days THE BOX felt so restricting, constricting, limiting, rigid, and confining.  THE BOX  was just symbolic for feelings of STUCKNESS that I felt in the past when I forced myself into any BOX.   However, on day 21 I am now able to appreciate “THE BOX."    

For me being in THE BOX has helped me to get in line and focused. This BOX got me really tuned into my wants, desires and needs on a physical, emotional, soulful and spiritual level. This BOX gave me the launching pad to get REALLY CLEAR BY REMOVING A LOT OF FOG AND WASTE.   Although for 20 days I resented this BOX, I’m glad I eventually was able to see its positive intention. It might have taken me 21 days to see the gift in the challenge, but better late than never.     

So now that it’s over, I’m at a CROSSROADS.   I can say…AWESOME!  21 AND DONE, now back to disconnection, chaos, tumult and FEAR BASED LIVING through not only the foods I put into my body but through limiting beliefs, relationships, experiences and decisions I make...


I can continue on this journey of cleanliness, removing more toxins, allowing more space for new beginnings and adding in more experiences to help support my mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Now that THE BOX is complete these experiences and decisions can come from a place of freedom and love. 







take what you need

Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are transitioning well back to life.  I am grateful for all of your support over this past year and look forward to being on this journey with you in 2017.   

To say thank you for all of your support, for the entire month of January, I am offering 50% off of my 30 Minute Strategy Session.  The session is typically $97 but until the end of the month you can sign up for just $49. 

What is a Strategy Session?  It’s an opportunity to spend 30 minutes focused on YOU.  We explore what it is that you desire, what challenges you are facing and possible next steps to get you living in alignment with what your heart and soul is craving. 

What is it that I actually do as a Transformational Life Coach?

When I tell people what I do for a living they often respond with, "I could use one of those."

Who wouldn’t benefit from spending time to take a closer look at where they are in life, what they desire and take action towards that desired state? 

Who wouldn’t benefit from support to help them shift behaviors and beliefs that are keeping them stuck?

Who wouldn’t benefit from being stretched to move beyond a life of pressure and pain into a life of pleasure?  

So what do I do?  

  • I help people take AUTHENTIC ALIGNED ACTION to help them live the life they came here to live. 
  • I support people to shift their beliefs that are keeping them stuck. 
  • I help people identify the distractions that are keeping them from connecting to what they truly desire. 
  • I stretch people to open up their hearts and think outside the box, move beyond what they think they should be doing and identify what it is they desire to be doing or experiencing. 
  • I help people release the shackles that they have placed on themselves because of FEAR.
  • I help people embark on their OWN PATH that they are secretly jonesing.
  • I help people experience life with out pain and overwhelm.      
  • I help people open the door to a more AUTHENTIC way of living and help them navigate their life from their HEART rather than their heads.  

Sounds like something you’d like to explore in 2017?  I’ve got your back? Contact me here and let’s explore a more peaceful way of living.

Remember, to say thank you for all of your support, for the entire month of January, I am offering 50% off of my 30 Minute Strategy Session.  The session is typically $97 but until the end of the month you can sign up for just $49. 

What is a Strategy Session?  It’s an opportunity to spend 30 minutes focused on YOU.  We explore what it is that you desire, what challenges you are facing and possible next steps to get you living in alignment with what your heart and soul is craving. 


Here's to an awesome 2017!




breatheIt’s the end of another year.  Another year DONE.  You can check another year off of your list.  I know that with the end of the year comes a lot of “TO DO’S” AND things that “NEED TO GET DONE.” Before you do anything else, STOP!  BREATHE!  Do it one more time for Pete’s sake and for YOUR SAKE! BIG INHALE IN….AND A BIG EXHALE OUT!   STOP, DROP AND BREATHE!

We spend so much time in motion, in doing, in crossing off our lists.  We are always running from one place to the next.  We’ve been conditioned to BELIEVE that this is how we’ve got to roll to be productive and worthy. Sharing how BUSY we are is what makes for a good conversation.  It's the norm. Nine times out of ten when you ask someone how they are it probably sounds something like this.  “Great just REALLY BUSY!”  But what we are really saying is Great!  just REALLY DISCONNECTED!   Disconnected from all that is important to us.  Disconnected from all that we find meaning in.  Disconnected from ourselves and from the ones we love.  Disconnected!  Totally DISCONNECTED!  Even though it looks like we are in "it", we are so OUT OF "IT."  

Wouldn't you love to ask someone how they are and have them respond, “Great! Really peaceful and calm!”?  I wonder how the conversation might unfold.  I wonder if it would just end or their would be an awkward silence.  Try it.  Try responding with "Great!  Really peaceful and calm!".  Sometimes we have to think or say something to believe it.  Fake it until you make it.  That's a fun experiment.  

As I write this I FEEL THIS sense of fire burning within.  There’s so much I want to share but I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet.  The bottom line is this!  In our busyness we have lost THE TRUTH, OUR TRUTHS.  We are filling our mind, body, spirit and souls up with CRAP, TOXINS, CHAOS, DISCONNECTION AND FALSEHOODS.  Of course you can’t sleep.  Of course you feel overwhelmed.  Of course you feel like a hot mess. Of course you and your partner are two ships passing in the night.  Of course you can’t find your keys.  OF COURSE!!!!!!

STOP, DROP AND BREATHE!  Take a second to check-in.  Take a second and FEEL INTO WHAT IT IS YOU NEED.  What is it you desire?  Don't get caught up in extrinsic things, what you truly want is a FEELING.  We are all chasing a FEELING.   What can YOU GIVE yourself to stop the chaos and overwhelm and find the peace, clarity and calmness that you and all of those you love deserve? What do you need to RECEIVE?

Don’t chuckle.  I know you have so much to do.  STOP!  It can all get done if you JUST STOP! 

I’m a runner.  Literally and figuratively.  I USED TO only know how to do things in the midst of chaos.  I worked hard on creating a different life for myself and that’s when I got the biggest lesson of all time.  When I finally received the FEELING of peace and calmness I yearned for, guess what – I FREAKED.  It felt so unnatural and so uncomfortable.    Yup!   So I did a little more exploring.  I realized I was addicted to CHAOS.   Just when I thought I had arrived I realized it was just the BEGINNING.  I had my work cut out for me.  Just like any other ADDICTIVE CYCLE AND PATTERN I had to go through many steps, I mean many.  In order for it become something NATURAL AND COMFORTABLE I HAD TO MAKE IT A PRACTICE.  I had to consciously spend time committing to slowing down every day to break the cycle and the addiction.   IT DOES NOT COME EASY TO ME BUT I KNOW THAT IF I DON’T SLOW DOWN I’LL COME CRASHING DOWN.  It’s happened way too often.    

So PLEASE!  PLEASE! PLEASE!  Give yourself a second or maybe even two to BREATHE!  Start with NOTICING how fast life is passing you by.  Start with just becoming AWARE OF HOW FAST YOU DO EVERYTHING.  Then, choose one moment, just one  moment in your day to STOP!    Once a day, STOP, DROP AND BREATHE! All I’m suggesting (at this point) is ONCE A DAY FOR ONE MINUTE.  DISCONNECT FROM THE CRAZINESS AND CONNECT WITH YOURSELF!!!!!  I GUARANTEE IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

It’s changed mine!




Do you have a voice inside of your head that tells you, you just CAN’T DO “IT”?

Does that voice convince you it’s not the right time or that could never happen?

Does that voice make you feel like you’re STUCK and there’s no way out?

Do you listen to that voice way too often?    

Today I'm sharing a personal story that I’ve experienced and am experiencing as I write this.

A couple of posts back, I shared how my daughter was going through a rough patch and not sleeping.  Well, for the last couple of months I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living IN CRAZY TOWN.  Without getting into all the details, picture a very well adapted, social, easy going, go with the flow, rule following little girl for the last 8 years.  Now picture, a screaming, crying, running out of school,  chasing me down the driveway, holding on to me for dear life when I have to leave, 8 year old.  Picture hours of inconsolable tears, hysterical mornings, afternoons and nights.  Picture me wanting to pull my hair out wondering what happened to my baby girl, when is this going to end, frustrating and losing it moments.

I’ve hesitated writing about this as I’m still moving THROUGH THIS, but I recently had such great insight I couldn’t wait to share.     

As you can imagine, my patience is being put to the test like never before.  I AM BEING CHALLENGED ON SO MANY LEVELS and believe that when faced with a challenge we can either rise up or let it suffocate us.  After letting it suffocate me for a couple of weeks I’m now choosing the rising route.

My daughter has developed separation anxiety and she explains that when she has to leave me she feels like “SHE CAN’T DO IT.”    I mean, I get it, I am pretty amazing (couldn’t resist). We all have the voices in our head that tell us WE CAN’T DO SOMETHING FOR WHATEVER REASON.  My daughter's “CANT’S” SEEM ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND ASININE TO ME.  Not being able walk into school without me MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE since she’s been walking into school solo since she is 2 years old.  Freaking out whenever I leave her seems ludicrous when she just spent 7 weeks at sleep-away camp without a tear. 


Fear is nuts.  Anxiety is intense.  Panic is dreadful. 

As I’m WALKING THROUGH THIS CHALLENGE I believe this experience has been beautifully orchestrated to TEACH ME some pretty high level life lessons.  I have been pushing up against LOTS OF FEAR AND FEELINGS OF DOUBT AND CONFUSION MYSELF.   As I’ve been empowering my daughter to WALK TOWARDS WHAT SCARES HER THE MOST, I know I have to walk the talk too.

We all have those voices in our head and I’m sure we have let it stop us from pursuing lots of dreams, relationships, and experiences we should have had or could be having. 

On a daily basis I tell my daughter “THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH” and “WHAT WE SAY WE BELIEVE”.  I’ve been helping her to RELY ON HERSELF TO MOVE THROUGH IT. The other morning she woke up saying she feels like it’s going to be an awful day.  Guess what?  She had an awful day!  The next morning she woke up saying that she felt like today was going to be a great day.  Guess what?  Her day was stellar.  She was amazed and I must say I’m kind of jealous that she’s learning this lesson at 8 years old. 

Our FEARS make us believe that we will die if we push up against them.   We have to show our brain that FEAR IS JUST False Evidence Appearing Real.  It’s hard and intense but so worth it as LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS on the other side of that FEAR. 

My whole family cannot wait for this “phase” to be over (especially my son :() but the GIFTS we are receiving are far greater than all of us can probably grasp at this point. 

We’ve all got GREAT LIVES TO LIVE.  Don’t let the WORRY BULLIES STOP YOU! 

What is the voice inside of your head saying that’s holding you back?

Is there something you are ready to MOVE BEYOND that’s keeping you stuck?

Drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you!!!! 



November 18 Workshop
Lots of exciting things coming down the pike in the Wholefully Aware world.  Today, I wanted to share a WORKSHOP that I will be doing with one of my closest friends Melissa Garcia who spent 10 years as an attorney.  4 years ago she took a huge leap of faith and is now a celebrity stylist and on-air fashion correspondent. You can find Melissa on the Today Show, Wendy Williams and Extra, just to name a few.    

On Friday, November 18th we will be joining forces from 11:30-12:30 in Livingston, NJ to help people GET UNSTUCK, STEP OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE AND REALIZE THEIR TRUE PURPOSE!  After the workshop a light lunch will be served, so now you have no excuses.  

Just four short years ago, Melissa would call me on her way to her law firm miserable and complaining.  I would hear how she loved her life as a mom of three with her high school sweetheart but felt tortured leaving them to go to work.   During one of these “delightful” conversations I finally said “Melissa, enough is enough.  If you could do anything that you wanted to do what would that be?”  Melissa screamed “FASHION” and naturally came up with all of the reasons WHY SHE COULDN’T GET INTO THE FASHION WORLD AT THIS POINT IN HER LIFE.   After we were able to move her beyond the excuses Melissa took action! Take a peek into Melissa’s world. 

This past spring Melissa and I started feeling like there WAS A POWERFUL MESSAGE WE LEARNED AND NEEDED TO SHARE.   We began brainstorming ways for us to work together as we KNEW there was something there, but what?  It made no sense on the outside as she was in the fashion world and I have no sense of fashion.  She was helping women feel good on the outside and I was helping women feel good on the inside.  We stayed committed to being patient and working with the FEELING THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING THERE FOR US TOGETHER TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. 

And so, this new chapter begins as we share what we’ve learned and what WE KNOW TO BE TRUE TO HELP OTHERS just like us who have felt stuck, feel stuck and want to GET UNSTUCK.  Whether it is in your career, relationships, health OR IN YOUR HEAD we’ve been there.  It's now our time to help YOU CONNECT TO YOUR HEART to move you beyond this "STUCKYNESS".  We are no stranger to these feelings AND WANT TO HELP YOU START THE PROCESS OF UNCOVERING what lies deep within you that is calling to be revealed and healed. 

So, please join Melissa and I as we start OUR WORK TOGETHER!  We would love to see you there. 




                6 W MT. PLEASANT AVENUE
                MEMORIAL HALL
                LIVINGSTON, NJ

A light lunch will be served - YUM!


Please forward to anyone one in the Livingston, NJ area and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting events coming your way. 


A Broken Wrist, Clowns, Sleepless Nights and Goldfish...

broken wrist clowns sleepless night goldfish
So, remember last week when I shared how amazing it was being 40. We'll as I was writing that post I was in all my glory re-living my 40th b-day moments. The kids were off from school and were playing outside with their friends with not much attention required. As I was sitting in the office I had a moment, "Wow, I really can do this! I hit the mother load of balance. I can get work done while kids are running around like wild animals."

Right after this moment, one of my animals came running in screaming that my other animal pushed her and she was holding her wrist.  UY!  Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad diagnosed her with a sprained wrist waiting to see how she felt in the morning.

Fast forward to 11 o'clock that night and there I was in her bed for the next 8 hours trying to get her comfortable and sleeping.  Our morning appointment at the orthopedist confirmed a broken wrist.  It also confirmed that my son would now be her butler, helping her with all the things that she now struggled with having only one working wrist.

Now, lets go back in time to the beginning of September for just a brief moment.  My daughter was having a difficult time with the transition of the new school year.  She was scared at night and having a tough time sleeping.  My husband figured a good BRIBE might help her anxiety.  If she could sleep through the night for a solid week then she could get her very own goldfish. Welcome Pinky and Winky to our family.  She did it!

So this whole wrist situation threw all of our hard work of uninterrupted sleep into the garbage.

Bring in the CLOWNS and now we have recipe for disaster to convince an 8 year old there's nothing to be scared of.   I've spent this past week begging and pleading for her to go back to bed. 

On Friday morning she had a complete meltdown because she was too scared to walk to school because OF THE CLOWNS.  No bueno. 

My interaction with my daughter in the morning let's just say was not my proudest mommy moment.  After finally getting her to school I sat in my car having my own complete meltdown.  I was exhausted and depleted! I was having a "what am I doing as a mother" moment.

No sleep for Pam = torture for me and everyone I might come in contact with.

Thank goodness for good friends who were brave enough to have my daughter over for a sleep over this weekend.

How did her night go at her sleepover?

She slept great and she said she "felt safer there."

Awesome!  I now am trying to work out a plan where she lives with us from 7am-7pm and heads over to our friends house JUST from 7pm-7am.  I'm all about safety and if this is where she feels safe - I'm all for it.  :)

Although I googled "how to get your kid sleeping at night when she's scared" and found a great article from a psychologist in California (that I  actually called) I think I'm good.  I found a solution to get my zzzzzz's and for my daughter to get hers too! MOTHER OF THE YEAR!  :)

So you see, life isn't always unicorns, rainbows and daffodils.  The key though is to be creative and figure out ways for you to thrive to be the best version of yourself.

Hope you had a great weekend and are getting ready to enjoy the debate!  

P.S We just went to feed Pinky and Winky and it seems the stress of the clowns got the best of Pinky.  Now we are preparing for Pinky's funeral!  These clowns I tell u!

P.P.S According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.

Pinky is now a statistic!  Pray for Winky!